“This evening changed my life- filled with gratitude. Blessings 🙏🏽🕉
Grandmother Selina is such a gift.”

Celine Gringas

“I have been taking part in Selina`s Mentorship Program for the past year.  Each session brings for me, more meaningful insights & deepens my understanding of the inter connection not only between ourselves & one another on this plane but, also as a multidimensional being existing within the universe.
As a Medical Qigong instructor & energy healer, maintaining balance in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually is of great importance, both on a personal level & in order to be in the best possible space for my clients.
Selina`s gentle encouragement creates for me a safe space to explore & ask questionsI .  In a society where we tend to seek answers externally, Selina guides you to look inward to draw on your own resources & supports.  Through the sessions I have gained the understanding of the importance in taking an active role in co-creating my reality & the life I desire.  These experiences have created for me much personal growth & expansion in my consciousness.
Thank you Selina for helping me to find the strength & courage from within to discover my potential so I may also be of assistance to others on their journeys.”

With much gratitude,
Melissa Bellefontaine
Mentorship Initiate   2016
Nova Scotia   Canada

” I feel a weight lifted off me
“the work you do is such a blessing and an amazing gift”

Donna Garrison
Shooting Star Woman
Lightworker and EarthKeeper
Yellowknife   NWT



“Sending heartfelt thanks to you Selina, for a most profound and transformational Ancestral Healing Session. I feel so much lighter, more peaceful and positive about my life. I have realised how vital it is to heal my relationship with my parents and ancestors, as unless that happens, my own growth and wellbeing is less than it could be. It is a rare privilege to connect with a true Healer and Shaman of such great awareness, presence and integrity, as you most surely are. “

(Andrew McKeracher, Melbourne, Australia)
Writer Lightworker