What We Offer

man-petroglyphMentorship Program

“Heal the Healers”

This program has been brought into being through the Divine Beings to be a fully Co-Creative approach for Earth Helpers, Wholistic Health Practitioner’s and Healers, to step into their full Power and fulfill their Life Purpose from a place of true strength and Higher Vision. The work is based upon the spiritual wisdom of the Ancients who are true Visionaries and Holders of Divine Knowledge. If you are prepared to step up to the higher levels of the work you are here to do……let us begin. Mentoring is personalized to your own Sacred Path which is the total expression of who you are as Divine Helper here upon Earth.

Email or call to learn more. selina@grandmothersmedicinelodge.com

Private Healing Sessions

“Reclaim The Truth of Who You Are”

Private Sessions are for those who feel they are in need of a Clearing of their energy on any level or all levels as it may be. Soul Clearing work even from the physical level brings renewed clarity and balance. This will help attract new opportunities and alignment with abundance for all areas of your life. The balance that we seek is between Self as Matter and Self as Spirit. It is to be a Calling into full expression of your true Nature. We are a part of Earth. Earth is a part of us. We are Spirit too! Restoring harmony with these 2 aspects brings a peace and wholeness that has eluded many. These Sessions are powerful and transformative.

Distance Healing

“A New Day is Dawning”

Across the Songlines of the Earth healing energies are able to flow. I am able to offer Private Sessions through Skype and FaceTime. We are powerful beyond measure and the blessing of Distance Healing allows that to be experienced. Time, Space or Distance are not barriers in this work. All healing flows from the Divine to support clearing and renewal with profound results. Experience distance healing for Self or your home and business. Email or call for further information.

Women’s Medicine

“Assist the Women to re-claim their Power”

The Medicine of Woman has been hidden and not able to express itself for far too long. With the new emergence of Earth Mother she is calling her Daughters to restore their rightful Medicine in the original way given by Creator. It is time now to let go of the guilt and shame attached to the feminine nature. Our place is in the Centre. A place of strength with the power to give birth to a New Day That Is Dawning. We are the Life-Givers in many dimensions. Mid-wives to a New Earth being birthed. A group Consciousness amongst the women of Earth did occur believing that our Medicine needed to be submerged and could not come into full expression. We are letting go of that now. The time has come to be re-born, and upon going through the experience we remember how the birthing of a New Day is to be! Grandmother’s Medicine Bundle was called forth by Mother Earth to support this important work. Restoring Women’s Medicine…..YOUR Sacred Medicine back upon the Earth. Come and let this be so. Grandfather prayed and prayed seeking the answer to his question…. What is Women’s Medicine? A response sounded across the Songlines of the Universe…
“Women are the Medicine”

Vision Quest


“Receive the Wisdom Teachings”

This is a journey to the Heart of your Sol/Soul Self; Enter the Sacred Medicine Wheel of Life; Receive the Wisdom Teachings and Medicine Ways pouring forth through the Earth, Sun and Cosmic Universe; Deep healing and awakening consciousness no matter what your Level of Spiritual awareness; Retrieve your Medicine and Fulfillment of Divine Purpose; this is the way of the Ancients brought to assist in this Day and Time for the Birthing of the New Earth that is emerging.